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We are LeanCon

The First AI-Powered Construction Engineering Team

Planning and managing construction projects is hard..extremely hard. 

Today, construction professionals rely solely on their personal experience and knowledge when making decisions, both before and during construction, resulting in substantial delays and budget overruns.

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Our Mission:
Empowering construction professionals to see what they couldn't see before

Our unique technology enables all engineering decisions to be made in seconds, eliminating the need for human intervention. It provides construction professionals with a one-stop-shop for planning and managing their projects

How We Can Help

Our advanced AI technology is unrivaled and offers seamless automation, saving you valuable time and resources. Our product helps you to bid faster, plan smarter, and manage better.

Easy To Use

Our platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and suitable for both office-based and on-site users, ensuring seamless integration into their daily routines. 

Automated Planning

LeanCon generates an accurate schedule and efficiently allocates resources to streamline workflows, eliminating bottlenecks and delays in advance.

Financial Clarity

Our product calculates project expenses and cash flow, providing clear financial understanding throughout your construction journey, from the bidding phase to the building phase.

Manage Better

Make informed decisions on future activities, team requirements, and resource allocation. We overcome project complexities, ensuring enhanced productivity.

Reduce the planned construction duration by up to 19% and the required manpower by up to 12%

Construction worker
"Instead of spending months on impossible engineering analyses, LeanCon rapidly tests various engineering scenarios before we begin building, allowing me to see their outcomes in just a few minutes. Additionally, I no longer need to waste time creating a new schedule every time we encounter changes on-site; LeanCon handles it for me."

Roi, Project Manager, Shatit Group

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