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Construction People, For Construction Solutions

We have one mission:
To assist construction companies and real estate developers in making data-driven decisions to automate project planning and management. Our technology transforms data into actionable insights that inform better strategic business decisions, thereby reducing errors and saving time and money.


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Ziv's passion for construction started at a young age when he began working on construction sites with his father during summer breaks. As a project engineer on various complex construction projects totaling over $700M, he gained a profound understanding of the importance of efficient planning and project management.
He has always been enthusiastic on leveraging technology to tackle significant challenges and finds joy in activities like snowboarding, running, and eating pizza.

Ziv earned his B.Sc. in Civil Structural Engineering from The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and later pursued an MBA at the Yale School of Management.


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Sapir's father is a general contractor who taught him from a young age the challenges of planning and managing construction projects. He has diverse professional experience, having worked as a construction project engineer, a software developer, and a data scientist. He enjoys to play the guitar and travel with his family around the world.

Sapir has always been passionate about integrating technology into the construction industry. To pursue this passion, he completed a B.Sc. in Civil Structural Engineering, a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and an M.Sc. in Computer Science, all at The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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